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Monday, May 30, 2016

Mannequins of Instagram

People: Hey Clara, what's new with you?

Me: Not much. Same old stuff.

People: How is work?

Me: Great, museum is great.

People: So...really, nothing new?

Me: Not really.

People: You sure?

Me: Oh well I got married and gave birth to triplets.

People: THAT'S AMA-

Me: No. That didn't happen.

People: ...

Me: Actually I did have one pretty life changing thing.

People: Tell me about it!

Me: I (sort of last minute) got a ticket to the Beyoncé concert at Centurylink and it was phenomenal. I still haven't recovered and not sure I ever will.  Here, let me show you some photos on my phone:

People: Yes, those are probably the best pictures I have ever seen.

Me: Oh! Actually one more thing. I joined Instagram! The first picture I posted was of the Beyoncé concert.

People: Obviously.

Me: But I think, going forward, I want to showcase my collection of museum mannequin pictures.

People: Fantastic. That is a much neglected niche on the internet. How do I follow you?

Me: Search for clevaberg (or click the photo above)

People: Cool. Have you joined Tinder yet?

Me: We're done here.

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