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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Opera Nerd Time

You know how last week I wrote about how successfully installed mannequins can induce feelings of euphoria? Well this week I got a huge dose of that.

What you are looking at is three costumes from Seattle Opera's famed production of Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle. It is hard to take a picture without all kinds of reflection on that case, so in case you can't tell, the costumes all look devastatingly stunning. It is a good thing that after the install I had to head back to the MOHAI Resource Center, because if I had been allowed to stay the museum, I probably would have just sat in front of this case and stared at it for the rest of the day. 

The costumes are on loan from the opera and will be up for about nine months, but we installed them this week to coincide with a big Seattle Opera at MOHAI day. I'm not quite an opera scholar (there are some huge gaps in my knowledge) but I could perhaps be described as a Seattle Opera fangirl. 

This is me in my vintage 1995 Götterdämmerung T-shirt, holding Greer Grimsley's Woton spear. 

He is basically the Tom HIddleston of opera

As a kids craft, the opera brought supplies to make winged Valkyrie helmets. 

I think I might keep this hat and put it on whenever I need a dose of powerful warrior goddess confidence. Situations like:
-Trying on swimsuits
-Going to an unfamiliar location on public transportation
-Making an online dating profile
-Searching for my lost copy of Bossypants

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