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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Major Life Milestone

Once again I let a week lapse without blogging. Sorry about that. For those yearning for more fashion history kernels of knowledge from yours truly, I should also suggest the MOHAI tumblr page. I've been making an effort to to send more content to the social media manager and most of it has been ending up there. Check it out:

My two favorite things up right now are a pair of shoes we found during the inventory and a picture comparison I made between a dress in the collection and a famous red carpet look.

First up: Who Wore It Best?

On the left is a late 1880s bustle dress that was recently dressed on a mannequin and put on display. On the right is a very pregnant Kimberly Kardashian at the Met Costume Gala last year, in a dress that famously made her look like a couch. I am no big fan of Miss K's, but I did feel sorry for her as a woman in the public eye during her pregnancy. You know how they say some women "glow" and become even more beautiful while pregnant? Well that was not the case for Kim. She looked sweaty and exhausted and gigantic and the tabloids were vicious about it. But while I would like to give her the sympathy vote in this case, the mannequin is clearly winning this round.

Up next: "Barbie" heels we found in the collection

On tumblr I wrote an interesting tidbit about the donor, but what really made me chuckle about these shoes was the way they were described in the database. When I pulled up the record they were described as "light red." Oh honey no. The word you are looking for is PINK. Those are, in fact, the pinkest shoes that ever pinked.

And speaking of couches and the color pink, roommate Olivia and I just went through a major life milestone. MAJOR. The kind of life step that puts weddings and pregnancies to shame. 


You probably assume that Olivia and I live in a glamorous, magazine-worthy domicile, but actually neither of us are very interior decoration oriented. Our style is still a little college-y. Pictures taped to the mirrors and free furniture we cobbled together from various sources. 

One day we woke up and realized, despite being made of a fabulous pink nylon, our couch was actually saggy and old. 

So we decided to be grown ups and buy a couch. But then the weight of that decision pressed on us and for months we couldn't be decisive enough to go through with it. How much should we spend? What kind of fabric? What shape? Then, last Saturday we were going out for dinner and walked past a furniture store that was having a liquidation sale. Thirty minutes later we were high-fiving our purchase over whiskey gingers and a plate of fried pickles.


Wait. It seems like something is missing. 

Much better. One recent critique I got is that this blog doesn't feature enough Olivia. For those Olivia fans out there, I'm giving her her own tag so you can jump right to any posts about her and our single girl adventures. 

We broke the couch in by watching the last three episodes of Pride and Prejudice while eating cottage cheese and cold pizza. Obviously it was fantastic. 

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