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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Occasions for Muppet Arms

You guys, this has been a heady week for Seattle. The Superbowl win was CRAZY and we are all kind of in a euphoric daze about it. I hear that for non-Seattle fans the game was "boring" but SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP was it exhilarating for us. We were worn out from doing the Muppet arm flail like every five minutes.

Also an acceptable reaction to the ending of Pride and Prejudice
There have been some great articles written this week about what it feels like right now in the city. I recommend Lindy West's Seattle is Suddenly a City of Winners and the piece in the Stranger titled Seattle Has Stolen the Microphone. You should also watch the "Seattle rioters don't jaywalk" clip if you haven't already.

And now to add the the disorienting nature of this week, I am currently snowed in at my parent's house, because everyone assumed that it was a joke when we heard snow was in the forecast for Saturday evening. We got about three inches last night, which in this part of the country means the roads are impassable and no one will even think of venturing out until it melts.

The last couple of weeks at work have also been great. My fashion lecture actually seemed to go over pretty well with the unsuspecting audience. I only had one person sit down, read the title of the talk, and say "Um...I think I'll go explore the galleries instead." I mustered all of my maturity and was just like, "Yes, sure, it is your choice, go enjoy the exhibits." 

This week I also managed to start the long delayed INVENTORY process, starring our friends, the tippets. Putting that box back on the shelf with it's new label and knowing all the contents were photographed and accounted was exciting. Nearly Muppet-arm worthy.

Definately Chandler dancing worthy though 

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