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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tippets and Tilneys

You know how after a break, it can feel even harder to go back to work? At the beginning of this week, I couldn't imagine making it through FIVE DAYS of work, and was already fantasizing about taking some time off. "Maybe I'll get sick?" I thought. A couple days doing nothing but drinking orange juice and watching movies? Sounds pretty good. But yesterday I woke up actually feeling sick, and realized that I am an idiot and all my ideas are terrible.

Besides the fact that being sick sucks, I actually have a lot of important stuff that I was excited to get done this week.

Most importantly, after spending all of 2013 moving the costume collection, cleaning items that were frozen, and trying to get everything organized, on Monday I was planning to finally start INVENTORY.

Last week I paced eagerly around the textile room trying to pick the perfect place to start. Perhaps quilts? No, requires too much table space. Handkerchiefs? No, that would be starting in a middle aisle in the middle of a shelf. Wait, i've got it! TIPPETS.

Wait, what are tippets again? Something to do with fur? Or some sort of glove situation? Oh, right...things that cover the shoulder and neck area but are neither scarves nor capes. I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT THE TIPPITS.

But now, I'm sick so tippet time is going to have to wait.

The sliver lining, of course, is that I get to wallow in my misery by interspersing naps with delicious couch time. Last week I failed to mention that my cousin Laura got me the best bridesmaid gift ever: a Blu-Ray player. Husband John already had one, and so when she was packing up her house she asked if I wanted the extra. I got mega-excited. Why? Because I love high-def entertainment? No. It meant that the long, dark Northanger Abbey drought in my life was finally over.

Before there was Downton, there was Northanger

You see, for some idiotic reason, the DVD version of Northanger Abbey was a cut version--omitting a couple scenes that made the run time too long when it was shown on US television. A couple of great scenes. So I held out and never bought it, even though it was one of my favorite Austen adaptations. But the Blu-Ray is the full version, so the moment I got home from Kansas I hopped on Amazon and bought it. New Blu-Ray player. Only one Blu-Ray to watch. Time to binge on the only Austen hero who can give Darcy a run for his money: Henry Tilney.




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