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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fewer Moths, More Shoes

When that moth in the textile room was first spotted, I felt like this:

But, since operation bag and trap was completed there have been no new sightings. So that is good. But there are so many decisions to be made about how to deal with things and what kinds of precautions to take, that basically when people say the word "Moth" my reaction is now this:

Just leave me here on the floor and perhaps the moths will choose me to consume instead of the clothing.  It will be my greatest calling

But no, I have lots of exciting things to live for these days. Specifically: SHOES.

I realized I never posted pictures of the shoes I bought from Hourglass Footwear. I had a really hard time picking which of their dozens of styles to go with, but in the end I made some really good choices. First off, I got some gorgeous heels which are remarkably comfortable.

All the top fashion photographers use carpet as a backdrop

And then some flats. I really liked the pattern called Burlesque and also the green version  Wicked Ways. Since each pair is custom painted once you order, I asked if the pattern could be done in pink. No problem!

Boom! Manifested.

The latest shoe-based news is that Hourglass is going to donate a pair to the MOHAI collection! After the trying task of deciding which shoes to pick for my own feet I couldn't handle deciding what design to save for posterity in the permanent collection. So we decided to run a contest and let the public choose! Hourglass picked the six finalists (they are the best sellers from each of their artists) and you can vote here.

The winner will be announced at FASHION THEMED FIRST THURSDAY coming your way SEPTEMBER 5TH. Hourglass will be there, along with Prairie Underground and a representative from the Nordstrom Archives. I'm also putting together a small case of accessories from the collection and doing an audio tour about fashion on display. The full info is here. I have high expectations of it being an awesome day. I'm definitely wearing one of the above pairs of shoes.

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