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Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Want All The Shoes

Sometimes I fantasize about buying clothing exclusively from Seattle-based stores and companies. (A book about my fantasies would probably not sell as well as Fifty Shades of Grey). It would be eccentric, and half the point would be letting everyone know so I would insufferably bring it up in conversation all the time, but I think it would be pretty awesome. I could go to Filson for outerwear, Eddie Bauer for basics, Nordstrom for dresses and shoes, and Tommy Bahama for...swim cover ups? Not to mention all the local boutiques and small companies headquartered here. I'd probably be out a lot of money, but it would be fabulous.

And now, I have yet another reason to go forward with the plan. It's called Hourglass Footwear:

Hourglass Footwear makes hand painted shoes in all kinds of fun patterns. This week I went to a fashion show at the Women's University Club featuring local brands and vintage pieces. It was basically an afternoon of all of Clara's favorite things.  Most of the looks were paired with shoes from Hourglass and I totally fell in love. You can read their own blog post about the event here.

And guess who was just sighted wearing a pair of Hourglass's shoes?

Quite the scandal, actually
Jinkx Monsoon, Seattle's own drag superstar who this week WON RuPaul's Drag Race (Portland may have three Project Runway winners but now that we have a RPDR winner I think we are even). At the (surprisingly dull) Drag Race finale, Jinkx debuted an outfit decorated with butterflies, complete with matching shoes. 

To recap:
1) Handmade in Seattle
2) Visually stunning 
3) Endorsed by celebrity drag queens

I just wrote your new advertising slogan Hourglass Footwear. You're welcome. 

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