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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Vacation!

Happy July 4th!

The kickass flag dress you are looking at is one that I installed at the museum yesterday. It was worn by a 12-year old girl in 1909 during a parade at the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition.

Today I am leaving on a trip to Montana for a family reunion. My mom and I are taking the train...
hold up.


...taking the train to Glasgow Montana, getting picked up in a pick-up truck, and driving an hour out into the country to Lustre, which is where the family farm is located.

I'm pretty excited about this part too, except that I had a heck of a time trying to plan my clothing concept. 1) It is going to be really hot 2) There is going to be lots of traipsing around on the farm and hanging out in fields and stuff. Jeans seem like they will be too warm, but skirts will be too flimsy and fancy. The logical clothing item for this setting would be shorts, but I happen to not own any. I had a pink skort for a while that I wore whenever I got roped into doing something outdoorsy but I seem to have lost track of it.

When I told my coworkers where I was going they seemed strangely amused by the idea of me in Montana. One of them said that the me in the country sounded very "Green Acres." While others were giving me suggestions on what to wear and how to survive, she advocated for just committing and showing up in a feather boa and heels.

Actually, I'm pretty proud that my reputation lends itself to a Eva Gabor comparison.


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