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Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Big TV Moment!

Hey, remember last August when I volunteered for Antiques Roadshow? And then wrote a book-length post about it? If you don't, I'll wait while you relive that.

Ok, welcome back. Well, the Seattle episodes have finally started airing with the last episode due tomorrow night. Watching it has been this fun game of trying find me in the background, and reliving my memories of the textile experts that worked at my table. Episode 1 featured the rug guy from my table (with a woman who was one of the first people through the line) and Episode 2 had the Chanel coat and the guy who pulled me aside to ask about John Eaton. That means tomorrow night's episode should include the third appraiser from the textile table, talking to the two ladies who came dressed in period costumes that they made themselves. Adorable.

When I watched Episode 1, I missed the first few minutes, but spotted myself in the background of a discussion about a beaded tea cozy. Awesome! Then the next morning I had two people say to me "Hey, did I see you on Antiques Roadshow last night?" What? Were they that eagle-eyed? No, turns out that during those first few minutes that I missed, I had a starring role walking awkwardly into the shot while host Mark Walberg does an introduction.

Here is the full episode, but you only have to watch the first minute or so. The awkwardness starts right as he is talking about Jimi Hendrix.

Watch Seattle Hour 1 on PBS. See more from Antiques Roadshow.

Please, someone gif that for me!
Edited to add: I just watched and the ladies in period costume weren't on! How disappointing.

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