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Monday, March 5, 2012

Vacuuming roundup and other things you should know

Today I worked on some items used during the Klondike Gold Rush. Including:

-Gold poke (small, narrow leather pouch...that I guess you poke your gold into)

-Leather money belt

-Pair of ratty mittens with flowers embroidered on them. (Some miner's mom probably made them for him and he was totally embarrassed but then realized that in Alaska his fingers would fall off if he didn't wear them)

When I wasn't thinking about Klondike miners, I was thinking about New York. Today I got an email from my old boss in Special Collections telling me that the grant project I had been working on has been completed. The thousands of sketches we digitized are now available on this cool portal: I am proud that I got to be a part of it.

I was also reminded that tonight is the opening of the graduate exhibit at the Museum at FIT. My class did an exhibition on Vivienne Westwood, and this year the topic is the 1960s. I am really sorry to be missing it. If you live in New York, make sure to check out Youthquake! The 1960s Fashion Revolution which will be on view at FIT until April 7. If you are one of my Seattle readers, you should know that you can get a slice of the experience right now at the Henry. Their mini-exhibition Flashback looks at art and fashion of the 1960s, and includes some truly fab outfits from the Henry's costume collection.

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