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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

American Spirits!

Only ONE DAY LEFT before American Spirits : The Rise and Fall of Prohibition opens at MOHAI!!!

I've been doing lots to prepare. First of all, I got a haircut.

A 1920s-inspired bob and it looks AWESOME.

I've also been dressing mannequins and putting new things on display. I added a fabulous Helen Igoe dress into the exhibit (it is a traveling show from the National Constitution Center but there was some spots to add in local stuff). And on Monday I updated the 1920s case in the core Seattle history exhibit. It also looks pretty great.

So for contrast, remember when that case looked like this?

The concept for this case was
"Getting Murdered By Two Thugs Outside the Speakeasy"

Well now it looks like this!

The alley is the same, but the label text is about clothing for 
"Drinking Out" vs. "Drinking at Home."

There is a lot of interesting stuff going on here, but here is a feature you won't read about in the label text-- There is an optical illusion that is almost as cool as that dress that broke the internet a few months ago. The gray fabric covering the necks of the mannequins (which appears light gray on the left and dark gray on the right) is THE SAME FABRIC I KID YOU NOT. I even held up a swatch of it to convince myself and it was like it magically changed color as I moved from mannequin to mannequin.


This is not just how it looks through my crappy camera, that is how it looks IN PERSON.

So if you are in Seattle go see American Spirits, April 2 to Aug 23rd, and stop by the 1920s section in the Seattle history permanent exhibit and prepare to have your mind blown by swatches of gray fabric. 

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