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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Popularity Problems

This week I caught myself uttering a pretty epic backdoor brag.

If you are not familiar with the concept of the "backdoor brag" it was delightfully illustrated by Jenna several times on 30 Rock.

Kenneth: The personal essay is way harder than I thought, cause it's not in my nature to brag on myself. 
Jenna: Not even a backdoor brag? 
Kenneth: What's a backdoor brag? 
Jenna: Backdoor bragging is sneaking something wonderful about yourself in everyday conversation. Like when I tell people it's hard for me to watch American Idol cause I have perfect pitch. 
Kenneth: Oh! Ew. 

Here was mine:

"I sort of wish my lecture wasn't sold out, because it is so stressful dealing with all the people still clamoring for tickets."

I know. Gross.

But it's true! Tomorrow I am giving my lecture about Helen Igoe and Madame Thiry, and it sold out almost two weeks in advance. So this week I kept getting calls and emails from people trying to figure out if I could squeeze them in. And I got all anxious and stressed out because I want everyone to know about those fascinating ladies but there is only so much space in one room. It is going to be such a good lecture, so I can't help feeling bad for the people who can't go.

[Although maybe I should be practicing instead of blogging and bragging]

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