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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Diaper Duty

This week it rained a lot and the leak returned in the textile storage room.

My reaction was calm.

In that first picture you will notice some sad, soggy white lumps (and in the GIF, sad sack GOB Bluth) which are actually cloth diapers. We keep them on hand for various cleaning tasks, because they are soft cotton and very absorbent. They have also proven to be quite useful for sopping up watery messes. Each morning this week I cleaned up any standing water that had appeared overnight, stuffed dry diapers into the spots where water was coming in, and then checked back periodically to switch out any wet diapers. 

In other words: I spent a major portion of my workweek changing diapers. Hmm. If I wanted that for my life...


Or maybe there is some metaphor there about the collection being my baby. 

Maybe when it grows up it  will learn how to clean itself and make its own damn padded hangers. 

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