Life as the textile expert at a regional history museum

Sunday, February 17, 2013

They See Me Rollin'

This week I nearly maxed out my credit card on a $3,000 clothing-related purchase.

Chrome-plated steel rolling racks. 50 of them. 

Ok, so it was a work purchase. They needed to get ordered this week but the museum credit card was in use, so I got the go-ahead to buy them with my own money and get reimbursed. 

The deal is that our new storage space has several niches where we can store clothing on rolling racks. Initially we were going to roll a long rack into each spot (there are 12 long racks clogging the aisles in the old space), but then realized that if we bought racks that were as long as the niches were deep, we could line up several of them and increase the storage capacity of those spots. Brilliant. 

Then we wrote a grant to pay for them. Double brilliant. 

But the real story here is that I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE ROLLING RACKS. I bought a small batch of them a couple of weeks ago just to make sure they were good quality and we were investing in the right thing. And somehow they just triggered this irrational enthusiasm in me. I assembled two the first day they arrived, and then that night I had a dream about them. When I woke up the next morning I couldn't wait to get to work to start assembling the rest of them. THEY ARE SO PRETTY AND SO EASY TO ROLL AROUND AND DID I SAY PRETTY AND ALSO THE WHEELS LOCK!!! 

Is this how men feel about sports cars?


  1. I hope that you're as enthusiastic after you put together the fiftieth rack!

  2. Oh, I will be enlisting volunteer labor for that.

  3. I need a few of these too - where did you get them?

  4. They are called "Whitmor 6058-90 Supreme Garment Rack, Chrome" and are available through a bunch of different retailers. I ordered mine from Amazon and they shipped for free.