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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Clara's Busy Fortnight- Part 1: MOHAI Opening

As expected, the last couple of weeks have been crazy. From the 27th to the 1st it was all MOHAI all the time. We had a triumphant opening that drew crowds of thousands. The highlights included…

…me looking fabulous at the VIP opening

…and MOHAI’s featured appearance on the front page of New York Times online

The lowlight was me becoming exhaustion sick after the third day of being on my feet. I don’t really know how else to describe it—and I felt totally lame since everyone was working just as hard if not harder than I was—but basically I felt faint, sick to my stomach, and had the chills as if I had a fever. I got sent home early and felt mostly better after an afternoon on the couch and a full night of sleep. I was assigned sitting jobs for the next two days and so I made it through, but I still felt weak and strange and even opted to go to bed at 11pm on New Years Eve.

But despite everything, it was still exciting to be part of this momentous chapter in my museum’s history. I teared up when they cut the ribbon, and brimmed with pride as visitors made exclamations of awe as they entered. My single favorite overheard conversation went as follows:

Little girl: Oooohhh! Awesome!
Dad: Awesome? You didn’t even want to come!
Little girl: I didn’t know it was going to be like this!

Hopefully that same feeling is repeated by history museum haters for years to come. 

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