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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Day Northwest!

As Grand Opening for the new MOHAI approaches, I'm realizing that there are no longer "normal" work days.  It used to be that when I worked at the new building, I had a quiet desk in a room with the artifacts. But now that room has been re-claimed as the temporary exhibits space, and I spent two days last week camped out in one of the galleries. All day, I listened to a short video about the Great Depression which was on a constant loop. For a break, I went over to the 1990s grunge section where the mount makers were working on a guitar mount. The video for that gallery wasn't ready yet so it was... also playing the Great Depression video for some reason. I now know all the words to the 1930s classic, "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?"

Today, I helped transport some artifacts to the set of a local TV show. I didn't appear on TV myself, but did get a first-hand look at the thrilling world of local morning programming. My favorite segment before ours was "One outfit three ways" which was earth-shattering information on wearing a dress with different things to make it look different. The clip is sort of long, but I find much of it deeply comical. Why?
- There is some pretty good theme music / graphics
- You get to find out about the new Blake Sheldon Christmas CD (I passed on my free copy)
- Animal print apparently counts as a neutral now
- You get to see a ridiculous "fascinator" which consists of a sparkly bow and a piece of veil
- The third "dress" styled three ways is a skirt. Did you guys know you can wear a skirt with different tops??? CRAZY.

During the segment, the Executive Director of the museum turns to me backstage and says "Sears? Kardashian collection? Hot pink blazer? Sounds like a bad idea to me." Bless you, Leonard.  

Ok, so here is the MOHAI clip. The best part here is that the curator (who is a local expert but not on the museum staff) actually made use of the gloves I laid out for him and commented to the camera that he was following protocol because they were artifacts. He only managed to get one on though, and so just sort of holds the other one in a loose dangle for the rest of the segment. 

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