Life as the textile expert at a regional history museum

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Grand Opening

This week I had my first anxiety dream about MOHAI's grand opening.

Oh, wait, first I should probably do this:


Ok, back to your regularly scheduled blog programming. 

On Thursday we were reminded that we have 30 working days left before the Grand Opening, assuming we don't start working weekends. That night I had a dream that I was working at the Armory and everything looked about as done as it is now: plastic and masonite protecting the floors, empty cases, and painters tape everywhere. I looked outside and saw that people were lining up already for the opening. I was about to send them away, but then someone explained to me that we were opening in 5 hours. I started to panic, but everyone else was shockingly calm and almost chastised me for being so irrational. "Well," they shrugged, "We still have five hours," as if that was somehow a generous amount of time. 

It isn't all stress at MOHAI these days. On Wednesday my department pulled off a pretty awesome Halloween prank in which we all dressed up as one of the guys on the move crew. Bask in the sheer glee emanating from this photograph: 

Honoree "Hollywood Hair" Jeff is in the center, being a good sport about the fact that we bought ratty $10 wigs to represent his defining feature. 


  1. I just wanted to say that I came across your lovely blog in a rabbit in the headlight moment as I had been given a project as a new volunteer at Dorking Museum in the UK to mount an agricultural smock. As part of their grand re-opening displays. No pressure. I think my frenzied google searches led me to your post about the the bubbleator (sp?).
    Anyway, I am so envious as I have always wanted your job but I took the much more shallow route of frontline fashion, regretfully. I can but dream of breaking into it. I read your blog now vicariously as you look like you are having fun. Damn you. I was quite pleased how it came out and I invite you to cast a narrowed eye...