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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dmitry Update

Thanks for all your kind words about the various traumas I endured last week. I'm doing better. The work thing will probably haunt me for a long time, but the actual event is over so at least I can sleep at night. Love continues to be dead, but a reasonable facsimile is still available in the form of Jane Austen novels.

As for Project Runway, I tried to seal up my heart and start separating myself from this season, but then this happened:

That would be a childhood photo of Dmitry, dressed up in what appears to be a drum major uniform with extra rickrack. As part of a challenge about personal and cultural heritage, the designers were surprised by visits from loved ones and shown photos from their past. Dmitry started crying when his friend Irina played him a video of his father in Belarus, offering words of encouragement. It was a heart-melting moment. 

Look! He already has an affinity for blonde ladies!

(For the record I'm aware that Dmitry is probably gay. Not to make blanket judgments about opposite-sex friendships, but the presence of a lifelong, female best friend is a possibly an indicator. His low V-neck t-shirts are another. But who cares? He also probably doesn't live in a Dracula castle either.)

THEN not only did Dreamy Dmitry go on to win the challenge, but we found out that next week they were going to be dressing the Rockettes. At first I was worried for him, but then another blog pointed out that Dmitry "Strictly Ballroom" Sholokov might have this one in the bag. Oh yeah. He used to be a ballroom dancer and probably learned to sew by making his own costumes. I bet he practically grew up in stretch polyester. 

Contemplating this, Olivia and I proceeded to have the following offensive conversation:

"Yeah, I feel like Eastern Europeans love their sparkles."

"For all I know sequins are the national currency of Belarus."

"In old country we put sequin on everything."

"But then we have great sequin drought of 1987."

"Yes, it was very difficult time. Is why I come to America."

Ah Dmitry, you know I'm just jealous because if I ever had to turn to my family heritage for a fashion challenge, I'd be stuck trying to reinvent the Mennonite head covering. 


  1. I am in awe and stitches. BRILLIANT.

  2. I am currently watching the old episodes of Project Runway and it's because I ditched cable and went with Roku and Hulu. I started watching this show when I had cable but somehow managed to miss a lot of episodes. I did however watch the one where Dmitry won the finale. I was really happy for him and I feel he deserved it. He has incredible fashion sense, knows how to choose the right fabrics and execute the outfits. Some people just have this knack and he does.
    I only know how to sew basic things. VERY basic things and it amazes me when I see all of the designers put clothes together the way they do. Incredible. I love Tim Gunn and I hope Project Runway stays on the air for a long time to come.

    If I ever had to turn to MY heritage for a fashion challenge I would end up making a weird looking outfit made of buckskins, fur, beads, moccasins and a cabled sweater. Accessories would be a hair snood and something made of wool from a sheep in the highlands of Ireland.
    My family is a mix of Irish and Native American. The world is a better place because I am not a fashion designer. Lol.